A Chat With Glendora (Movie Trailer - 2:22)

A Chat with Glendora (2011, 63:18 minutes, miniDV)
Glendora Folsom Buell is a physicist, philosopher, and self-made television personality who continues to create weekly public access television programs at age 81. In this feature documentary portrait, Glendora describes the early days of local broadcast and cable TV and its connection to her search for God, justice, and happiness. As she prepares for her death and plans her funeral throughout the course of the film she attempts to preserve the legacy of community television and the everyday local voices that she has captured in her six-decade career. The film seeks to uncover the unique power in Glendora's self-representation and solidifies the importance to preserve all of our stories and to write our collective histories.

Glendora first began writing down autobiographical details on paper and then made audio tape recordings until she discovered the Sony Portapak in the 1970's. She then started making videotapes of her public access TV shows that covered local community events.

As we move into the digital age, will there even be public access TV? Will there be television at all? What is the importance of cataloging our lives? Where does our story go when we die and our body disintegrates? Are artifacts the only way to keep our legacies alive and histories preserved? As Glendora prepares for her physical death, she is also trying to preserve the death of television and the physicality of videotape.

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